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Culture of Swing Dance

| Suburban Swing Abbotsford is a Dance Club where any age is welcome | Get your dance groove on for some high-caliber dancing; or try your dancing shoes with our beginner class at 7:30, Sunday Nights! We're always excited for our first-timers, and love having our friends back to dance.

What you can expect at Suburban Swing:

  • Beginner Lesson, including basic steps and Tuck-Turn, plus "Other Stuff"

  • Approximately 2 1/2 hours of free partner dancing

  • Birthdaty Celebration Dance

2018 carried incredible events for Suburban Swing Abbotsford, including the opening or our Pitt Meadows location (See below) We are anticipating a fantastic end to the year with our Masquerade Ball (See below), and more leading into 2019.



Jason Warner - Suburban Swing Abbotsford

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Hello-new to this group. Is there anything happening this month? Sundays? Thanks! Riette

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