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New Beginnings

| Suburban Swing Abbotsford is a Dance Club where any age is welcome |

This month's blog is dedicated entirely to our new location at Matsqui Community Hall.

March 31st, 2019, Jason and Crystal Warner opened the doors to Suburban Swing's new location on St. Olaf street, North of Abbotsford at the Matsqui community.

After lots of preparation, and even more excitement, there could not have been a better way to celebrate the Grand Reopening. Old friends, Moonliters Big Band, our returning crew and patrons, Mayor Henry Braun's presentation, new partners from the MCH, and guest West Coast dancers.


Suburban Swing hosted an approximate 270 patrons on our opening night at the MCH. We're so excited to grow this community, and bring the culture of Swing Dance to Matsqui, as we have been to Abbotsford for 20 years.

Suburban Swing has come far, and you've come with it.


Jason Warner - Suburban Swing Abbotsford

PSST... Big news!

Suburban Swing is hosting new incredible workshops featuring out-of-town instructors: Tap Dance -- Jovon Miller Boogie Woogie -- Vicky Yeung


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