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Suburban Swing Commitment

Dance Saftey

Who Are We

At Suburban Swing, we are committed to providing a safe and friendly environment for all dancers.  We view any acts of violence or threats of violence in the dance community as unacceptable. Suburban Swing will strive to identify and eliminate foreseeable acts of violence, which may result in personal injury or death. As an organization, Suburban Swing is committed to the prevention of violence, and while at Suburban Swing, We are focused on dancers’ health and safety.  If found to have evidence or a serious threat has occurred, Suburban Swing reserves the right to refuse access to the premises or attend any events related to Suburban Swing ignorer to protect the safety and security of the community, dancers, and personal property.  Only after a diligent investigation has occurred, will the individual be informed of the outcome, be given a chance to defend, and a formal process will take place with the local authorities.  We will offer assistance to both parties with resources for help if desired.


Threatening behaviour includes, but is not limited to: throwing objects at another person (e.g. to inflict pain, injury, or intimidation); verbal prediction of harm directed towards another individual or his/ her property; making threatening or menacing gestures; obsessive behaviour (excessive unwelcome romantic interest); any such behaviour that indicates or suggests that the individual poses a danger to her/himself or others; escalation of unacceptable behaviour within the dance community; any inappropriate electronic or cyber activity used for the purpose of violence, intimidation and/ or harassment.

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