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Swingin' into 2019

| Suburban Swing Abbotsford is a Dance Club where any age is welcome | So many incredible things have happened in the first month of 2019! Amongst Suburban Swing's 19th anniversary, incredible memories being celebrated, and seeing each of your faces on our dance floor, we cannot wait for the next 11 months to unfold.

Coming February 20-24

A fantastic opportunity for a Valentine's Day play!

Starlight Radio Theatre show featuring some of our Swing Dancers as a special appearance in this theatre production:


This month we held a brief interview with one of our frequent dancers - Natasha.

"What's one of the reasons you keep coming to Suburban Swing each week?" "The people, and community - nothing is better than knowing you can meet people you're going to be able to connect with, build trust, and make memories with each week. They play into all parts of your life, beyond just Sunday Nights."

"When you think of Suburban Swing, what feelings come to heart?" "There's lots of things in life that make me happy, despite the good and bad. Swing Dancing isn't just a place of happiness - it's an activity that allows me to access the joy deep in my life that I want to live all the time."


Upcoming with Suburban Swing's wonderful Kerry and Ed Foster is our newest Silent DJ platform! Ed and Kerry hosted the first launch party at their own location, and it was a blast! "Our purpose with Silent DJ is to bring this technology to the dancers in the Lower Mainland. We believe it will open more opportunities for dancing, and specifically for young adults. More dancing will result in less street trouble and happier, healthier people."

You can find more details on Silent DJ, including rentals and hiring on our Facebook Page, and Website

If you're looking to stay updated on events at our club, feel free to follow our Facebook Page, Instagram Profile, and Youtube Channel for more highlights!

Don't forget that we have our Pitt Meadows location on Wednesday Nights as well!

We hope to see you each week at one of our locations!


Jason Warner - Suburban Swing Abbotsford



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