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Dance team, Halloween, Dance Classes, Workshops, Christmas Masquerade Ball, and Winter Retreat!

So much going on for Suburban swing these days. We are working hard to provide as much as we can for our dance community. We have a dance team that is outstanding and performing at so many cool events. One of my favorites thus far is spending time in the senors home dancing with the elderly and bring them back to a simpler time. I know the dance team loved it too and together we work hard to bring our passion to our community.

Halloween is upon us and tonight is one of our biggest nights. The costumes that come are epic! We have over 400$ in prizes to give away from our local business sponsors. You don't want to miss it!

We have ongoing workshops because we are trying so hard to teach the newer dancers everything we know and to challenge ALL our dancers to be better and to have fun! This will lead us up to our Swing Summit Winter Retreat with Matt and Natalia from LA and Ayla and Brenden from right here in BC. We even sold this camp out in record time this year. Boy that is a huge stress release.

Bonson Community hall in Pitt Meadows is exciting and changing. We will be offering a West Coast dance once a month starting November 6th.

Anyway I just wanted to let you all know a bit of what's happening for us these days and hope you join us on this amazing journey


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