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Love is here to stay!

One of our favourite dynamics at Suburban Swing is seeing people who have never met, get together, and become community - couples emerge and bring a depth of character to our club.

While we've had some couples meet and get married, we've never had the opportunity to truly capture their stories...

Until Now.


How did you discover Swing Dance?

Clark: I learned in 2017, when a buddy invited me. I was hooked right away - I fell in love with the dance.

Shelby: I started dancing in 2012; I was graduating high school, and wanted to know how to dance appropriately at Prom. After an extended break, I made a weekly goal in 2018 to dance at least once a week. Suburban Swing was one of my most-danced venues.

Clark: When I first walked in, I took a look around and thought “Wow, there’re women here!” So I eventually found her there... Shelby: No! I saw him first, but he doesn’t remember the first time we interacted… but I actually know his cousin very well, and she asked if I’d ever consider dating him... Clark: I was planning to ask her out the next week, but before I could find the right opportunity, my cousin mentioned that Shelby was Single… So that kind of confirmed these hopes I had… and I was all ready to ask her out… and then she didn’t show up that week. The next time I saw her, she casually asked me if I was dating anyone, and I said “No, are you?” She said no, and so I straight up said “Do you wanna go on a date?”


It sounds like this was a personal journey for both of you, that ended up connecting with each other in something that looks like the relationship you have now.

Shelby: I believe that we date with a purpose, which was pretty intense to begin with. The biblical foundation of love we both share was really important to us as we entered into this.

Clark: I wanted to get married. I was finishing school, and ready to make another step in life.

Shelby: We weren’t too sure about our time-lines fitting with each other, but as we connected on that topic, I felt that “when you know, you know” feeling…

Relationship isn’t something you can learn as a 1-2-3 step process, like a dance. As exciting as it was at the beginning, you’re still going through transition as you prepare to get married on May 4th, 2019. Tell me about what you’ve learned in the process…

Clark: This is all new to me. There are times I’ve had to choose to dance, even when I don’t feel like it. In the same way, you can choose to love someone; I’m learning that love is not always easy - it’s a choice/action, more than a feeling.

Shelby: Clark is incredibly amazing at speaking my love language. He figured that out from the get-go, and while it’s been difficult, he’s adapted to stay connected with me. We share a lot of things in common - we’re outdoorsy, and hikers, and we have fun each day. Clark: I don’t want to grow complacent in my relationship. I constantly fight to connect, and keep relationship alive, even though I might know what she’s already thinking.


How did your investment in each other change your connections with other friends?

Shelby: I have lots of male friends, whose friendship I value, but the special connection I have with Clark is something I protect, on