Posted June 5 2020


Hi Everyone!

We hope that you are well and we look forward to dancing with you all again. As phase three is approaching in BC, we are continually in contact with Fraser Health and a few other clubs to see where we are at for dancing. We have talked about a few options, but they pale in comparison to having an open and free-running dance. We will remain closed for June and look at the next phase for our guidance in July and August.

The last thing we want is anyone, to get infected at one of the dances. We care about you all immensely and miss your smiling faces. We have been in contact with all the instructors (including Peter Flahiff and Lauren Smith) and we are good to go once we are cleared by Fraser Health to do so. We thank you all for your patience and we are as eager as you to return to classes. You all were progressing wonderfully.

As for Crystal, Riley, and I, we have been working feverously at the hall to get it ready for your return! Boy was there a lot done!!! We have been doing many home projects and simply doing a lot of good family time! This has been a wonderful opportunity to focus on family and activities together. I have recently returned to work in the prison system, but my job has temporarily changed and .... I now work in the kitchen for now.... I made cookies today lol.

We do not know what the new normal looks like, but we assure you we are working on options and ideas all the time. If any of you would like to contact us and discuss your thoughts about dance and what it will look like when we open, it would be a welcome discussion. Just PM us anytime.


With Love, respect for all, passion for dance and music,

we will see you all soon! Take care and stay safe.



Posted May 2 2020

We are excited to one day dance with you again!  Here is what we have been doing in the past 2 months:

Almost every day we have been working around the hall on painting, renovations, and overall look of the hall.    We are still closed until further notice but frequently go to our Facebook group and page to get the latest updates and classes online.   

Stay safe and keep practicing!   We will see each other again!



Posted March 13 2020

Hello everyone.

First of all, we want to thank everyone for their support and patience in this difficult time with all the dance clubs. As one of the long-standing dance clubs in our community, I can tell you that this is unprecedented. It is hard to know when to keep things running because you all love it as much as we do. Or when our safety is at risk. Well now is that time.

Suburban Swing has decided to close its doors after many consultations with the other organizers in our community and follow suit with the group decision. This was not an easy decision but it had to be made. Dancing and the people that come is often the best part of our week.

If you have workshops you have paid for, we are working on the solution. Right now we will credit you for the next workshops when this can be offered. You will not lose the value of your expenses. We will make it right one way or another. In saying that, give us all some time to work this out.

We know you love it and we want you not to lose hope. Because of this, we have asked our most recent instructors from our events to provide online instruction for you. We ask that if there is any cost that this may incur, that you think about paying the fee. These people have dedicated their entire lives to this passion and sharing this with you. Think of the money that you would have spent at our dance clubs as an opportunity now to purchase amazing online instruction from a dance teacher that you connect with. They will remember you all for this and you will receive all the benefits of these personal passions.

There are so many instructors out there right now doing online work! Here are the following links for some of the instructors we have reached out to and there will be more added as we get them:

Matt Richey It's All Swing……

Rusty Frank Rustys Lets Dance…

Peter Flahiff Lauren Smith

Mikey Pedroza

Stephen Sayer and Chandrae Gomez…

Jovon Millar

Chester A. Whitmore


Lindy Hop



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"Fantastic! Friendliest place, always welcomed like family no matter how long it's been. Swing dancing has been an instrumental part of my life for years now. Thank you!"


Best dance venue ever. I've danced at multiple locations and Suburban is my favorite. Very good lesson at the beginning, the dancers are fun and everybody's friendly. Good for newbies and experienced alike. 100% 5 stars. Check it out!


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