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Let There be love

| Suburban Swing Abbotsford is a Dance Club where any age is welcome | Did you see that? You probably felt it... February is a loaded month for Suburban Swing: If you cut through the snow to make it to our dances, you probably hit one of our Valentine's Day dance: hosting two live bands with Bruce James Orchestra and Scott Robertson - Swing Patrol this month was a real treat!




Laz, Janica, Colleen, Justine, Jason, Maddi, Christian, Jason, Cale
Suburban Swing Dance Team
Suburban Swing had the opportunity of performing for the Starlight Radio Theatre Show - honing skills from longevity and revolutionizing dancers create that ancient mood of 'swing-mosphere' seen on the Fraser Valley Stage at Abbotsford Arts Center in "Let There Be Love!"


Jason Warner - Suburban Swing Abbotsford

PSST... Big news!

Suburban Swing has a new location, starting March 31.

Stay tuned for this big step as Suburban Swing continues to fluorish and mature!



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